Wanting – Having, Receiving

They say that the word “want” comes from and/or carries the energy of – lack. It made me think about children. I often come to think of children – and parents… lately. There are at least two sides… And even more points of views…

Parents, who say to their children that “you can’t have everything that you want” try to force onto their children the limiting belief that they’ve bought into themselves, that THEY cannot have everything they want. Yet, Yes – I do see, there is also the dilemma of “what do I really really want?” to be asked by everyone – both children and parents. Would we want all the toys, if we weren’t made to believe by tons of commercials and other kids we know, that we NEED THAT toy … for what? to be accepted?? to be loved?? And aren’t many of the so-called grown-ups also buying things to “be better than someone” or to “look hip” or “everyone has it”…? :D Sure we can play and have fun and do all sorts of crazy things… Yet what do we really really really really want underneath all those THINGS? What do we think that we achieve by having those things? What do we want to or aim to achieve by getting those things? :)

Then what came to mind was how kids cry and shout and make lots of noise when they want something. You see – “want”! I would say that it totally does embody the energy of lack, it feels totally like “I don’t have it but I want/lack it.. (hehe :D) – otherwise…” as if something bad would happen. And then – isn’t it the most right thing that the parent can do – say that “you can’t have it”. If the child is creating the lack, by being in the energy of lack/want, then the best a parent can do is say “no”. In some way… And all that makes them decide in some other way around, is to shut the child up, because they are making so much noise and other people will look oddly at them… ?! :D

Then there is the vibration of having. And there is the receiving.

And – there is the giving to oneself first and then also becoming willing to give the same to others.

And when there is resistance, one can always ask “Who does this belong to?” And if it gets lighter, it’s someone else’s.

At times I am asked for something, and I feel resistance to give, the unwillingness to give. Lots of ideas went through my mind about it. Then I asked “who does this belong to?” And it went away. I returned it to the sender… And for a short while I wondered, either the person was uncertain about receiving… or worthiness? … Whatever.. :D It feels best to stop now :D

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