I wonder…

How could we talk about ideas as ideas without taking things personally if we happen to have related experiences? Or even including our experiences yet without charge – but just as examples… Or then again no, not including them.

If we create our world and our lives first with our thoughts, then if we take our history as our perspective, we may allow our past to limit the flow of our possible new ideas with which we could create a new kind of world.

Does it serve us? Or limit us into re-creating our future as our past has been?

Where do I go next…?

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3 Responses to Ideas

  1. KJ says:

    Seems to me that perspective equal reality, and makes us the messy, beautiful humans we are. Do we really want to strip away our perspective on what we experience? Then again, it does threaten our ability to see the world with fresh eyes.

    Still, I wouldn’t want to lose my unique outlook, even if it does present challenges…

  2. Kristi says:

    Yes… it’s sometimes fun to have a perspective. I like having a perspective – especially the kind that seems to serve me and how I want to live.
    Where I wish for the open-mindedness is when I start talking about the things where I have no experience yet. From one point of view I like to hear from people with experience about how things have been… Yet if I want to challenge those ideas and create a whole new kind of experience for myself in my world, sometimes people start taking their own past personally and they might see me while challenging the way that they have lived as if I was making them wrong because of how they did things in their own life even if it was long time ago.
    I don’t mean to do that. I don’t mean to make anyone cry. And as far as I’m concerned – they may go on believing in what they believed in before. I just wish for a dialogue that would take me further than where I can go in my ideas on my own.
    Perhaps I could choose other people to get into discussion with?
    And while talking to people with a “past” then only go as far as listening to their “story”, and then just go with it and not make a comment nor throw out a new idea about it…?
    I seem to be a visionary…

  3. Kristi says:

    I seem to like “What else is possible?” a lot :D

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