A part of me must die / needs to die / dies,

so that a new me could be born.

This time, it makes me cry.

It makes me feel that I need a hug.

Crying is just a way to release. To let go of what is going. To live out the energy…

I feel like I need to rearrange things in my life. The way I live my life.

This inspires me: “Whether or not you believe that the world ends, or changes or transforms in 2012, it is a great idea to resolve to live like this is the last year of your life, the last month, the last day, that this may even be the last minute or moment of your life. It brings a different quality of focus, of clarity, of energy, of resilence and enthusiasm to all your endeavors. We do our best and leave the rest.” Nithya Shanti

I feel like I need to take a moment off and get more in touch with the “changed me”. Though, on some level – “I” hasn’t changed. It’s just another point of view, that I’ve got now…

I feel like doing stupid things. Asking inappropriate questions. Wreaking havoc. Going plain mad…

And then I return to my heart, and embrace it all. Warts and all.

And there is peace within. I can go there anytime. This place never really changes. It always contains everything. There is deep unconditional un-polar all embracing Love there. Acceptance. Self-acceptance.

And I’m sitting through it. The difficulty. The change. And the Love and self-acceptance. All simultaneously. I know, that Love always “wins”. It’s the Truth, and there’s no bending from it.

I’ll go and sleep on it.

And wake up tomorrow as reborn.

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  1. Kazzrie says:

    Bravo! You are transforming. Becoming renewed. Becoming truly YOU! Embracing your light. Letting go of the heaviness brings up all kinds of ‘stuff’ that is NOT you. As you know, when you go through it, it gets released. And then, there you are, Kristi, the I Am, an Infinte Being of Love and Light and Joy and Beauty. Be You. The world is waiting for you! xoxo

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