Finding Money

When You find Money, do You think someone else had to lose it, for it to be there for You to find? Or … ?

I think the Universe is filled with opportunities. If I need something, one way to get it is to find it. No-one else needs to lose it, for that I could find it.

I love those mysteries of the Universe… :)

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2 Responses to Finding Money

  1. Mel says:

    That’s one reason I don’t like money – if you take it, it means someone else had to give up theirs :|

    Can’t wait for this outdated system to go :3

    • Kristi says:

      I wonder, how come do we always think that we can KNOW that someone else had to give it up…? What if it is sometimes true, yet not always… What if that person, who gave it up, needed the lesson of losing the money? And what if you have this money showing up on your way because you’ve hoped for it somewhere deep inside?
      I somewhat wish the system to go, as well. Yet while it’s still here, I’m looking for to find some magic within it to make it more FUN :D

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