Dear You,

know, that you are always Loved.

If you are a perfectionist, trying to be perfect, to earn and deserve the Love of others… And if you for that reason beat yourself up, whenever you fail to be perfect or live up to the expectations of your own or those of others – stop. You already deserve to be loved, just as you are. You need not earn it. You just are lovable. And you just are loved. Even if you are not aware of it.

On the other hand – if you think that those who are perfect – are not loved. And in turn believe that the ones who are very “human”, or somewhat disabled or un-perfect are loved way more, than those who are perfect – stop. Stop sabotaging yourself, your health, your skills, your talents, the genius that lives through you or within you. You are loved even if you are perfect!

Since you are perfect the way you are – you may take the best of it all and give the best of you. And yet be kind to you. And love you. And know, that you are always loved.

It seems to me, that I’ve lived the both sides. The “trying to be perfect”, often in the form of “trying to please others”. As well as self-sabotaging my health, unconsciously believing that this would give me more attention, love, compassion.

I’ve decided to stop. Both.

I’ve decided to live from my heart as I am. Dare to make mistakes, dare to not to always be by everyones’ liking. Yet dare to allow my body to live as perfectly healthy, allow me to express my talents and skills the best I can. Learn, grow, experiment, experience, and improve my skills.

I’ve decided to wake up, remember, trust, and know – that I am always Loved.

I am Love. And in my eyes – so are You.

Let’s share, and let’s enjoy ;)

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