“Life always was, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. So, too, with God. For God is what Life is. So, too, with Love. For love is what God is.” – Neale Donald Walsch

I got a journaling assignment on Love. I figured my Spirit knows best, so I allowed her to write it ;) It is always so fine :)


What does LOVE mean to me?
What is LOVE to me?

there has never been a moment that I/you haven’t been loved. there is always love. I am always open to love.
Love is the ultimate truth
Love is Being
Love is unfolding your own path as you go along
Love is support
Love is trust
Love is trusting life
Love is beauty
Love is purity
Love is compassion
Love is strength
Love is caring
Love gives strength
Love gives beauty
Love gives joy
Love gives enjoyment
Love gives happiness
Love brings peace
Love is abundant
Love sees abundance
Love is open
Love is receiving
Love is accepting
Love is ever growing and evolving and changing
Love is in motion
Love is force
Love is power
Love is gentle and kind
Love is wisdom
Love is knowing
Love is peace
Love is expansion
Love is connection
Love is beautiful
Love is soothing
Love is soft
Love gives life
Love gives surrender
Love flows
Love is playful
Love is in sync
Love is big
Love is calm
Love is deep
Love is unconditional and unlimited
Love IS (whether you know it or not)
You are always loved
You are always loved
You are always loved
I am Love
I am Love
I am Love
Love is eternal
Love is infinite
Love is pure
Love is endless
Love is all encompassing and all inclusive
Love accepts the Now
Love is perfect in imperfection
Love is embracing
Love is present
Love is presence
Love is the what and the who we are

It is time that I own it
It is time that I claim it
It is time that I live it
It is time that I BE it
It is time that I act from it


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