Reactions – part 2 :D

I am super glad for allowing me to react – it is an amazing indicator of “what still needs to be released”. :)

And I’m just about as super glad for all the chances when I get to react in an environment where the person who in part triggered that reaction doesn’t see my reaction – seeing my reaction would be SO misleading, as it actually has nothing to do with the current moment, but with my past, with the unnecessary stuff that I still happen to carry around with me.

Seeing my own reaction, getting to the root of it, and also looking at some perspective at my own behavior helps me realize how some of my behavior still comes from a place of fear instead of from my heart. This time I saw how I made a decision to meet halfway… or the “wholeway” – to make a compromise. And I did it now because once long ago I didn’t make a compromise, I didn’t meet “wholeway”, and I lost something that I then considered dear to me.

So, I will make a new choice, I will choose again. It can be meeting “wholeway”, or it can be meeting halfway, or it can be not meeting at all, but it will be a choice from my heart taking into account this particular moment when the choice will be made, unbiased by my past.


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