Why DO I make a BUY and Why don’t I make a buy?

As I’m on my way to becoming a better manager and user of the money I receive, I brainstormed yesterday on the subjects of “Why DO I make a BUY?” “And why don’t I make a buy?” The idea was to get into the feelings I want to have, or feel good having, when I make a buy – to become more aware of how it could or ought to feel, while I’m making a buy. And, of course, also to become more aware of those moments and feelings when I now think I wasn’t quite adequate to make the decision to buy something – for example I had a fear or a feeling of some kind of inferiority etc.

After doing this I have been to the market yesterday and to two shops today. I must say that I have bought very little compared to what I might have bought had I not been a lot more aware about my buys compared to how aware I was before.

I had some old patterns and “wishes” coming to my head like: “oh, that’s on SALE, I’ve GOT to get a bunch of those NOW!” And then I had the aware part: “oh, do I REALLY want that NOW? – Hm… NO :D” And using this kind of inner checking-things-and-feelings-out took me to buying only the things that I really wanted to get right now :D The bag was lighter, the bills were smaller, and now there’s less that I “have to” eat :D

I’ll post my brainstorming-pictures here, if someone becomes interested, and might then become inspired by my start ;)

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2 Responses to Why DO I make a BUY and Why don’t I make a buy?

  1. Alok Avjeet says:

    Thanks for sharing your brainstorm session… Very helpful .. thanks you :-)

  2. Kristi says:

    I’m glad to be helpful :)

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