Goals : D

I was planning to write this post earlier in the morning, now it’s afternoon already (or even evening). My energy level is not as high, as it was in the morning. On the other hand, I find that writing my BEing goals from this energy level might be uplifting, so it might be an excellent experience for me to write this post RIGHT NOW :D

About goal-setting and BEing goals: I’ve had a really hard time to SET goals. So, of course once I have no goals, I cannot comment about how good or bad, easy or difficult it has been with making my goals come reality.

Why was it difficult for me to SET goals? I felt that I didn’t want to set my life up in the way that I am “after something”, trying to “get” something etc. For example, if I set a goal that I want a camera lens, I can check out and decide which one I want etc – no problem, but making it a goal, that by some specific date I WILL HAVE the lens – that was my problem. I saw that once I set a goal like that for me, I should take steps towards achieving the goal, I should make my decisions in accordance with my goal… You know, like “I will not buy this thing that I feel deep inside me that I want to buy now, that I didn’t even know existed while I was setting my lens-goal…” Oh, would I not love that! Plus, I felt like I should be looking for ways and opportunities to get closer to achieving my goal… This might take me to a choice between going somewhere where I could earn some money, or going to an event where I would spend some money, yet could be engaged in directed and proactive activities towards inner growth, more peace, love, joy etc – all the yumminess :D Now, according to my goal – I ought to choose to “go to work and make some money” option, whereas I would really LOVE to go and invest IN MYSELF! :D

The latter is what I’ve done.

When I started with the “Rock Your Goddess Life” participation in January (2010) we set some goals. It WAS not the most pleasant thing to do for me, but thanks to all the fellow Goddesses, discussions, sharing etc I discovered that GOALS need NOT be thing-oriented. They can also be BEing goals :D At first, on my own, I did even set up a 6 month goal about getting me a new lens I had dreamed and thought of… But one day, while going through my goals, I felt strongly, that this “thing” goal was totally irrelevant. I got a strong message, that it is primary for me to invest in myself, to grow, to evolve… and then some day, IF I still want and/or need this lens, I will get it rather effortlessly ;)

So – what are BEing goals? They are goals that describe how the goal-setter wants to BE, feel, live, etc… you surely get the point ;) In addition to setting the goal, one can come up with numerous ideas how to achieve or how to live the goal, and the ways how to do it may of course change over time. For me – the BEing goals are without a deadline, without a time limit… They are infinite or they last until I choose to not to have them as My Being Goals anymore – for example when my priorities or wishes for experiences change.

Enough of the theory for now ;)

My Being/Living Goals (as of now) (:

I listen to my inner voice, my intuition, and my body wisdom.

I let my spirit guide me, and manifest herself through my body in this lifetime. I live from my heart.

I am aware of my thoughts. I, the Spirit, get to choose my thoughts, my viewpoints, my perspectives at every given moment regardless of what has happened before.

I am loving. I experience love, I share and receive love at every moment. I am aware of the endless amounts of love everywhere at every now.

I live my life authentically.

I am healthy.

I Rock My Radiant Goddess Life ;).

I enjoy this life, that I live in deep Peace, Joy, Love, and Bliss.

I am healed. I help others heal, when necessary. I and others celebrate our healing ;)

I keep my energy level at its highest possible at all times :D (oh this will be fun!)

Peace ;)

I suppose that’s it for now. I feel a lot better… For some it might remind the feeling of being high…

Living up these goals IS the goal for me now. Being all that Love, Radiance, Joy, Peace, Bliss, Healing, Health, Sharing, Receiving, etc is what my being and my living is now all about :D (Yeah, all that OR BETTER! ;))

Oh… Somewhere near the beginning I wrote that I don’t know well what it is like (easy or difficult) to fulfill the goals, since I haven’t had any. Well, I’ve actually already had some being/living goals – and it’s fun, I am good at living well (according to my criteria), and finding my ways to live up to it :D

Fun! ;) Isn’t it? :)

So, now You give it a try :)

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