Lisa: “There is a Party-in-Me! Perhaps ALL of life IS a celebration” ~~ the lovely Goddess Kristi

o Lisa: We were discussing ways to celebrate ♥ Lovely Kristi you inspire me! ♥

o Kristi: I’m really glad we got this thing sorted out now. I’ve had it going around in my head for a while lately. Thank You for helping me SEE that as ALL of my life IS a celebration, I really don’t lack celebration in my life, as at one point I thought I do. I’ll keep on living this celebration and sharing it with others :) Fun! Love! ♥

o Lisa: YAY! fun! LOVE! ♥ that is why we are here for each other, to share, clarify, inspire :) Whooooweeeee! ♥

o Kristi: Yeah, I love having You (and others) here for me :) And I love being here for all of you! :) Can you see how puzzling it has been for me?! :D If I live in celebration… um… where do I put or how do I perform the celebrating of celebration (that is constantly being lived)?! I have seen others being in the non-celebration and then at some points they celebrate. I felt all missed out. I couldn’t figure out how to celebrate. I had missed the fact that I celebrate all the time, and I actually don’t really really need to celebrate the fact that I’m celebrating :D ♥

o Kristi: ♥ Love ♥ Fun ♥ Love ♥

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