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Note to Self 2

Hint to Self: Focus: Co-creation

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Going Wild with the World 4 – what if we do know?

From 2012-11-13.

it’s fun to notice the awarenesses or thoughts that i have coming up about or regarding science… and the lifestyle i’m having now etc

they call some fields “leading edge”… and when it comes to some of the biology stuff i’m like “WHAT??? you call that leading edge? WHAT???” :D

oh, and one thing
when i started studying it, at one point i thought “I’m glad all the cells etc work even if we don’t know how they do”
and i’ve had that idea with me for quite some time
and now i came to “what if we actually KNOW how it works and direct it all the time, even without consciously knowing it?”
for sure we influence it, whether we know it or not.

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Going Wild with the World 3 – waves

From 2012-11-12.

what else do i know?

there’s no point in measuring the waves with machines.

what one would better do was to learn to be aware of them, and shape them and use them. you influence them anyway, be more conscious while doing so.

learn to co-create. learn to live. learn to grow.

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Going Wild with the World 2 – growing up

From 2012-11-01.

Kristi Laur: you know what i realized… Nassim told about the God Tetragrammon thing

Becky York: Yes?

Kristi Laur: and that we (humans) have “one half” e.g. one tetrahedron

Becky York: Oh?

Kristi Laur: and what would it take for us to come to the place where we’d be ready to have them both…

Becky York: I have both

Kristi Laur: and i realized it’s analogous to how kids are young
i mean “us” as human society, community etc

Becky York: Just activate it

Kristi Laur: i mean “us” as human society, community etc
that kids take scissors or knife and parents go wild, because they are afraid that the child will either hurt himself or another
or how kids break their own toys, just slamming them against the floor or something else
the human society at large (yes, we are moving to a direction of more love, but it has been) rather destructive
like when human beings have gotten some awesome piece of technology, they haven’t gone just to doing good for the whole mankind + Earth with it, they’ve gone to war industry with it
and one cannot be given a huge power if one is destructive, for the sake of oneself, and those around that being

Becky York: Yes

Kristi Laur: either on single person level or as a society
and it made me realize how important self love and loving others, the kindness, acceptance etc are.

Becky York: Yes

Kristi Laur: even if we don’t know the powers we possess inside, or haven’t activated them all – we’re not ready as long as we use the powers we are aware of (words, physical body) against ourselves and those around us

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Going Wild with the World 1 – cellular biology

From 2012-10-30.

i just got this point of view or awareness

that if i look at how mainstream cellular biology is studied around now, based on newtonian physics

it can be looked at as looking at a society where people habitually do what they are meant to do. as if everyone would fit to do just one specific job

and as if there were different classes or groups of beings

some are for shoveling, some are for milking cows, some are for cutting grass etc

and in the system (cell, and also human being – depending on the scale one looks at) – there is maintained a homeostasis or an equilibrium of some sort, so only the exact amount of beings necessary to keep the system working well is maintained

so if there’s a lack of some type of beings, they are created/produced, and if there’s too much of some beings, they are dismantled

what biologists on cellular or molecular level are trying to figure out is what jobs which beings have, and how they do their work

what part of their “body” they use for some specific task and how they perform it

because they study it on the physical, not on the energetic level



i started thinking about what i wrote yesterday how i see the biology in a cell works and what scientists in that field are studying now. they study things based on “physical stuff” or according to newtonian physics

and i thought “what’s wrong with that? why do i think there’s something wrong with that?” it seems totally OK to study how a car or an engine is made while thinking of becoming a car repairer…

and do that study on the “physical level” instead of going to Einstein’s physics… :D

seems totally fine


Becky York: Cars don’t have consciousness
at least the ones we make today ;)
Cells have consciousness and evolve to match their perception of the environment
More Bruce Lipton for you girl lol

Kristi Laur: if the scientists would study biology based on Einstein’s stuff, then they would study the cells AND their consciousness? or the consciousness of the cells?

Becky York: Yes
And we have to start to look outside of the EM spectrum

Kristi Laur: then it’s like being a psychologists or psychiatrist of the cells?
what is studied now is “this molecule comes, then cell responds like that”

Becky York: Yes

Kristi Laur: and the response is which molecules are made or disassembled etc
and then what will be studied?

Becky York: But until science can publicly say “there is god and infinite intelligence in all things” we’ll kinda be stuck in a clockwork universe lol

Kristi Laur: yes… but i’m wondering what it would look like if i’d publicly (alone in my room) say “there is god and infinite intelligence in all things” – what will the universe be like then
that’s why i’m putting in words and creating comparisons of what is being done now
i’m thinking that i might create a post of it on my blog… perhaps there is someone out there who might like to play along with that :)

Becky York: Yes

Kristi Laur: now it’s like as if people were silent, and if they handed things around … you know… like “life before words” but already with some customs and some signs or such stuff

Becky York: Me for one
I’d love to start to play with AI

Kristi Laur: and then the scientists observe that and make conclusions and generalizations

Becky York: And consciousness computing

Kristi Laur: ok. i’ll write a post. on what i’ve been writing thus far

Becky York: Good :-)

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Creating with Energy

What if what you chose was an energy, not a solidity? One of the things that sticks people is they try to plan their future in solid chunks, as if each future piece is a brick that you put there as a solid place that you arrive at like a brick house. It’s not. You create the future as an energy! What energy would you truly like to be in three months, in a year, in five years? Now start choosing anything that matches that energy – however weird and wondrous it may seem at the time… Go on, trust you! You know.

Dain Heer

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Over the waters

I just LOVE these pictures of nature and these fun creatures! :)

(I haven’t taken those pictures. Just found them on the internet.)



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The Happy Journey

Neither a promotion, losing weight, finding a soul mate, writing a book, nor becoming a billionaire, Kristi, will ensure happiness.

Nothing ensures happiness. No destination is great enough. No dream come true will do.

Because happiness, dear Kristi, that’s not present at the start of a journey will not be present at its end.

Après vous,
The Universe

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Feeling good in the now

People say: “If I’m always setting goals and reaching for the future, then am I not squandering my now?” And we say if in your now you’re using a future event to make you feel good, you are still feeling good in your now. And that’s the best use of now that you could ever find.


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