Red bag

I was asked to sew a bag. The wish was inspired by the blue velvet bag that I had made for myself earlier. The bag came about as a co-creation of me and the person who ordered the bag – her desires and the ideas that sprouted in me. It was a fun and miraculous process. The evolution of this bag went on as I was touching materials in the stores, while keeping in mind the wishes of the person who ordered the bag. New ideas were born, some of which remained surprises for the current owner of the bag. As a result of this there was more work to be done, than I planned in the beginning, but the bag strongly insisted on becoming the kind like it now did, so I just couldn’t leave things out and undone :) For example, I made a rain-cover for the bag, to make the bags life better in the rainy Netherlands.  It was an extremely fun co-creation and project :) The owner of the bag is also very happy!

The process we had together brought me much; how much fun it is to create something together, even virtually. And how I would love to have much more money so I can pay lots more to designers and other creative folks to make things for me. So much more fun and beauty and expansiveness than the bulk stuff you mostly can buy nowadays. I wish for you you have so much more of these assignments!


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