Bag of/for prosperity and abundance :)

Today, one of my very best friends has her birthday :) She’ll be 24. Some days ago I was thinking of what to give her as a gift. I thought, I’ll give her money, then she can buy what she desires the most :) I came to think that I’ll give her 24€ – one for each year. Then I thought I’ll give them in 1€ coins :) And I started wondering about how to package it. I came to an idea of creating a little bag of and for abundance for her :)

Thanks to Signiti I could print/press some text on the bag :)

On one side it says “Ullabriti külluse kukkur” which means “Ullabritt’s little bag of prosperity” and on the other side it says “Rõõmu ja tänuga” which means “with Joy and Gratitude”. The latter idea meaning that whenever she adds to the bag – receives – or when she gives from the bag, she always ought to do it with Joy and Gratitude :) And thus staying in the place where she feels being prosperous and abundant :)

Here it is:

I’m already having two more of such bags in making ;)

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